Frauen iD
Frauen iD


Frauen iD - Women in Germany


The offered activities take place in a sex-homogenous setting, with at least 8


participating women per group and a total of 20- 160 lesson (1 lesson = 45 Min.).


The activities/courses/workshops are all led by female professionals from the fields


of arts and education.


Female volunteer mentors assume the part of role models, dialogue partners, or


assistants and help the participating women to reflect their escape situation or


stereotyped pictures in an artistic manner. They also assist them in developing their


own personal perspectives with their hosting community.


The projects end with a public presentation of the collectively developed works.


Among the possible cooperation partners are for example on-site support


organisations, family cantres, youth welfare offices, youth education centres, as well


as local networks of civi refugee-aid, migrant-managed organisations,


multigenerational houses, neighborhood centres and organisations promoting






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