Make Crypto Investing Easier and Safer with J’JO’s CCi30 Index Service

• J’JO has launched a CCi30-based investment service to make investing in crypto easier and safer for both beginners and pros.
• Index investing has become available in crypto markets thanks to services like J’JO, which seeks to improve financial planning by giving users access to good investments without the need of deep market knowledge or experience.
• The rising demand for simpler services is met with tools that can optimize investments for the best results while educating users on the process of investing in crypto assets.


J’JO launches CCi30-based investment service to make investing in crypto easier and safer for beginners and pros. Here’s how it works. Global crypto ownership rose by 39% last year, going from 306 million to 425 million.

The Rising Demand For Simplicity:

While this steady influx of users is a positive sign for the crypto industry, it also calls for simpler services that are ready to cater to new, less tech-savvy audiences. Crypto assets present novel investment opportunities across market segments, from digital currencies to real estate and luxury items. But this also implies a greater need for education, accessibility, and above all, ease of use. Most retail users putting their money in nascent crypto assets have little or no prior experience.

Index Investing For Everyone:

Index investing, after setting a strong track record across traditional finance, has recently become available in crypto markets as well thanks to platforms like J’JO. Crypto-based indices work similarly to traditional index funds—i.e., they track multiple cryptocurrencies at once—allowing retail investors access simple but powerful investment management platform tailored towards their needs regardless of their level of experience or market knowledge..

Improving Financial Planning:

By bringing index investing into the realm of cryptocurrency, J’JO seeks to improve financial planning by giving users access to good investments even without in-depth market knowledge or experience. Though basic principles remain unchanged when it comes to investing in any asset class – including both traditional securities and cryptos – getting acquainted with these markets involves a steep learning curve which can easily be avoided with such platforms as J’JO which provide accessible solutions tailored towards novice investors looking invest into cryptos with minimal risk yet maximum returns on their investments .


The idea behind J’JO was developed back in 2020 but due its uncertain launch conditions during that time period was delayed until now where it’s finally been released publicly . It aims at filling the gap between experienced traders/investors who have an understanding about blockchain technology ,crypto markets as well as its underlying fundamentals and normal everyday people who lack these skills yet want access into profit potential offered by virtual currency markets . By providing easy solutions , educational materials & intuitive user interface ,J’JO seeks becoming go-to platform when it comes managing & optimizing cryptocurrency investments .



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